Calloni’s Corner: Is Kolten Wong The Real Deal


Josh Calloni, Reporter

Through only a handful of games this season, veteran second baseman Kolten Wong has shown flash that he has never shown before, but is it just a hot start, or something to expect all year long?

Wong, who has long been known for his defense and getting picked off to end game five of the 2013 World Series, has never been much of a hitter. Over seven years in the majors, Wong has only hit over .265 once, and has never had an OPS over .750, nor has he hit more than 15 home runs in a year, amassing 12 in 2014 as a career high. While the defense is not in question, the bat is, that is, until the start of 2019. Through five games, Wong has hit .423, meaning he has gotten a hit in half of his plate appearances, and has hit three home runs, which would lead the Cardinals if it were not for a hot start from teammate Paul Goldschmidt. The biggest factor here however, is that it has only been a week of regular season baseball, and with Wong’s history, the numbers could change.

The fast start for him is not only uncharacteristic for his major league career, but his minor league career. He did hit for higher average during his time in the minors, but the power numbers still were not there, especially like how they are now. That is the aspect of a hot start.

However, with Wong, the hot start could be attested to the new management regime as well. Wong has not been shy about saying that he felt very uncomfortable under Mike Matheny, and said he feels more free to play and that he is not on such a short leash for making mistakes. Overall, Wong’s power numbers will definitely not keep up on what he has done thus far, and the batting average will remain around the .300 mark. Wong will definitely have a breakout season when it is all said and done.

It will be interesting to see Wong progress through 2019, and see if he can fall into the player that he was expected to be as a prospect.