Chris Davis Breaks Historic Slump


Josh Calloni, Reporter

Recently, Chris Davis, the Baltimore Orioles designated hitter, went on a historic streak, in which he did not record a hit in 54 consecutive plate appearances.

Davis, who will earn 23 million dollars this season with the Orioles is coming off a career worst season, where he hit only .168, a record in the modern era. Starting this season, Davis had not recorded a hit since September 14 against the Chicago White Sox. This streak would continue for 33 more at bats to start 2019 as well, breaking the old streak of 47.

According to Yahoo Sports, during the time Davis was slumping, 570 different MLB players recorded at least one hit; and 55 were from pitchers. On top of that, Davis had not had a hit or RBI since September of last season, nor a home run since late August of last season. Over that streak, Davis struck out 27 times.

“Davis’ streak is incredible. To go almost 6 months without getting a hit, even with the offseason included is crazy. He was not even injured,” junior Tommy Flores said.

Davis has never before been a hitter that slumped this badly. In fact, over his 12 year MLB career, Davis has hit nearly 300 home runs, including 53 in 2013. He also has batted over .250 five times in his career, though he has always been a strikeout prone hitter too, as he has done so nearly 2000 times in his career.

These numbers stopped coming in at the same rate however, is something Davis believes is due to a 2014 suspension. According a 2014 interview with, Davis said that the drug he was suspended for, Adderall, was to help him focus on the game and curve his ADHD, and he could have a difficult time focusing on the game.

“If the Orioles were any better, I’d expect them to not play Davis, but as much as they pay him, I’d hope they get something in return,” junior Adam Thomason said..

Through it all, the streak ended when the Orioles played the Red Sox on April 13. In that game, Davis went 3-5, and drove in four of his teams nine runs in the Baltimore win. Davis received a standing ovation from the away crowd after getting that first hit, and even got the ball back to keep for his own. He even followed it two days later with a solo home run against Boston,  his first since August 24.

Davis’ is currently batting .089 on the season, with that one home run to his name, and a total of 20 strikeouts over 51 at bats, which makes his strikeout percentage a high 39 percent.