The Cardinals’ Strong Bullpen

Hayden See, Reporter

The Cardinals’ bullpen has been called by many the strongest part of the team this season.

John Brebbia’s numbers so far have been the most impressive. He has a 0.68 earned run average, 31% strikeout rate, and a walk rate of only 9.8% in 13.1 innings pitched. Reliever John Gant has also put up some stellar stats. He has pitched a team leading 17 innings, with 1.06 earned run average, a 12% walk rate and a 24% strikeout rate.

“Brebbia is someone I expected to do well, but Gant has been a surprise,” junior Ethan Seymore said.

Acquired from the Yankees last season, reliever Giovanny Gallegos has the highest strikeout rate on the team at 43%, while John Gant has the lowest strikeout rate, 24.1%. As for the highest walk rates, Miller leads with a 14%. The lowest walk rate on the team belongs to Ryan Helsley, with a 0% walk rate.

“Both Miller and Helsley have good pitches. Neither of them has been consistently good though,” junior Blake Haffer said.

The Cardinals’ 27% strikeout rate is fourth in the league, however their walk rate of 12% is 28th in the league. Even though their walk rate is high, their collective WHIP of 1.11 is good for third in the league. Following along those same lines, the bullpen’s 3.38 earned run average is the fourth best in the MLB.

“The bullpen this year is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a Cardinals team,” junior Ethan Markovich said.