Former Vice President Joe Biden Announces Run for President

Patrick Kissel, Reporter

Former vice president Joe Biden has officially announced he is the latest candidate to enter the race for the democratic nomination for president. Biden, vice president under former president Barack Obama, also served as a senator from Delaware from 1973 to 2009, and chaired or served on numerous senatorial committees.

Last month, Biden was accused by numerous women including former Nevada gubernatorial candidate Lucy Flores accused Biden of inappropriately touching them. Flores claims Biden leaned in against her and smelled her hair towards the end of a campaign speech. Numerous other accusations claim that Biden smelled the hair of the accuser, according to Vox.

“Republican leaders don’t serve in favor of the public, and a good majority of Democrats are getting trampled in elections so a more favorable candidate is needed,” senior Nick Ehlmann said.

Biden, who had been leading in the polls among potential democrats since January, was passed by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders surpassed Biden for a number of reasons, including overwhelming popular support for Sanders’ policies, and a large national movement maintained since the 2016 election, according to CNN. Other progressives like Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren have also been climbing in the polls. Biden has also been targeted by Justice Democrats, a progressive group that has helped numerous progressives like New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get into Congress.

“I favor Warren because she is a progressive, and during her term in the senate has demonstrated a will to work for the people, and not for corporations. I would say Bernie Sanders, but he is just far older than her, and she is stronger on withdrawing from Syria and other areas of the Middle East, which encourages me to vote for her,” sophomore Clayton Herbst said.