Notre Dame Fire

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Recently the 856 year old Parisian cathedral, Notre Dame, caught fire. Not long after the flames began did theories plaster social media. Millions of people across the world began to pour out sympathy for Parisians, sadness at the loss of the historic landmark, and, inevitably, holiday photos snapped while visiting the iconic building.

Some believe the work of the fire to be a terrorist act, since there are riots going on in Paris. People believe that the rioters wanted the attention of the Parisian government and the only way to do so was to set fire to a beloved artifact, according to

Another theory is that the government, wanting peace in their country, set fire to the church. Wanting to unite everyone and stop the riots, making everyone appreciate everything that Paris has to offer, according to

Another theory was the cathedral was burned by the catholic church to cover up the recent pedophila rumors. The church wanted to cover up their mistakes by creating one that would cause global upset, without killing anyone or losing any of their precious artifacts.

People thought it was very suspicious that the important artifacts were indeed removed the day before the fire, nothing was burned that had true value. The building had also had no tourists the day before and the day of, which is very uncommon as this is a popular tourist attraction, according to

All of these theories have been said to be wrong by the government, but what do you believe? Do you think this is all a little suspicious?