PlayStation 5 Early Details

Josh Calloni, Reporter

Sony has released early details about the fifth release of their popular gaming system, the PlayStation.

Sony kicked off their release by announcing the PS5 will have cross compatibility, meaning all games on the PS4, will be able to be played on the PS5. Additionally, Sony has said the sound on the PS5 will be held to the “gold standard’, particularly if the user is wearing headphones while playing.

The PS5 has also said to be compatible with 8K TV’s, and will have an all new storage system, holding more space than ever before, up to 500 kb. It is also said that the console will be more high powered than the current XBox 1. Lastly, the console will include “ray tracing” which helps with face scanning users into games that allow players to create their own character.

“I have high hopes for this PS5. I think it’ll be great, because I did not think the PS4 could be topped,” sophomore Marcus Temple said.

What has not been released yet is the official release date. Sony said it will definitely not be prior to April 2020, so more than a year away for sure. Also, the official name of the new console has not been released, but there is no indication that Sony would name it anything other than PlayStation 5.

With that, an official list of new games has not been released, or what the price of the console will be. Lastly, no word on cross platform play has been announced so it is to be seen if that will come to fruition.

“I’m kind of excited for the PS5, but this is just the early stages, realistically, it could be five years before this thing hits shelves,” junior Ian Lackinger said.
While Sony has not released much, the company said that at E3 2019, more details will be released. E3 is a big time to be releasing information on video games, and is where most of gaming details for new games and consoles come out every year.

With that being said, it is not clear if any details will come out between now, and the time that E3 is held in June.