The Warriors are Unrivaled in the NBA Finals: An Opinion

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

The Golden State Warriors are unrivaled again in the NBA finals, they will have an easy time winning their 6th franchise championship.

The Warriors are returning to the finals for the fifth year in a row including winning the last two years, the Raptors however are going to the finals for the first time in franchise history.

The Warriors are obviously the favorites as they are the two time defending champions, with two MVP caliber players in Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. They also have insane shooter Klay Thompson who can easily go off for 60+ points if Curry or Durant aren’t playing well. The Warriors areĀ  stacked with raw talent, they cannot and will not be beaten until one of their star players is gone.

The only way the Warriors lose the series is if Curry and Durant both go down with injuries. Nobody else on the team is a natural leader, this would be the only thing that could allow the Warriors to lose.

The Raptors are outnumbered in terms of star talent, they have Kawhi leonard and Kyle Lowry. Two great players but they don’t match up to the Warriors. Lowry has also been disappointing at times in the postseason, so who to say he is going to perform well on the biggest stage.

Any way that this could playout the Warriors always come out on top without a doubt. They have too many good players, a great coaching staff and players who shine when they are needed, once again they will come away with a championship.