President Donald Trump Imposes 5% Tariff on Mexico of Immigration

Patrick Kissel, Reporter

President Donald Trump has imposed a  5% import tariff on Mexico, hoping to force Mexico to prevent immigrants from crossing the American border. The tariff, which goes into effect on June 1, will increase by 5% on the first of each month until Mexico takes actions agreeable to Trump.

Many feel the tariff poses a threat to American manufactory and could potentially cast doubt on whether or not the newly negotiated replacement for North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, drafted late last year. There is a risk of Trump cutting off further negotiation on the deal, according to CNN Business.

“[Trump] raised the amount of jobs and lowered taxes he also lowered the amount of illegal immigrants, which I like,” freshman Landon Fouse said.

Following the announcement, the stock market took a dive. Markets in Japan and Europe dived after opening and the dives are expected to also occur in the United States when the markets open. This comes after markets slumped after numerous announcements regarding new tariffs in the escalating trade war between the United States and China.

“There are too many illegal immigrants that are migrating to the US and taking our jobs,” freshman Andrew Bontrager said.

The new tariff comes after a string of threats against Mexico relating to the immigration issue. Trump has numerous times threatened to close the border or impose tariffs because of the alleged influx of migrants, but most did not come to fruition or were only enacted on a small scale like sealing the border only at the San Ysidro border crossing in late November.

“I just think it’s a waste of our time and our money for a wall that we’ve been able to go without,” junior Mia Politte said.