iPhone 11 Details

Josh Calloni, Reporter

The new iPhone 11 has been officially released by Apple at a recent event held at their headquarters. 

There will be three models of the new iPhone, the 11, the 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max. 

“I like that the prices are cheaper now, I think it makes the phone more reasonable to purchase. A decent sized phone with good storage isn’t gonna be over a thousand dollars now,” sophomore Johnny Ohlms said. 

The most recognizable new feature on the newest edition is the third camera added to the facing. Like the newer editions, one camera is a normal camera and the second is to make zoomed in pictures more clear. However, the third camera is to enhance night mode and various other new video tools. The mega pixels in each camera have also been bumped up to 12 from last versions seven. Also, while theres no official number on it, Apple says that the battery life will be able to last one hour longer than the iPhone XR does. 

“I like the new iPhone, but a slight design change with some new phone colors like they announced would not be the worst thing in the world,” senior Andrew Lemley said. 

There are many similarities between this version and last years though. The same basis for storage, 64, 128, 256, and 512 GB are all available for the iPhone 11. This years phone will also be water resistant and have wireless charging, much like last years. The sizing on the basic version of the iPhone 11 will be bigger than the most expensive version of the XR though, so a size difference was added. 

Pricing for the iPhone 11 is also a bit cheaper. Apple credits this to their sales falling 12% last year, which was mentioned in an article by cnet.com. The basic iPhone 11 with 64 GB will start at $699, which is only $100 more than an iPhone XR of the same internal storage size. The most expensive of the three models, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with 512 GB of storage, will be $1449, which is more expensive than last year’s version of the XS with the same storage size. 

As of now, preorders of the phone can be placed, though the phone will hit stores for sale on September 20.