NFL Early Season Storylines

Josh Calloni, Reporter

The NFL season is well underway, and there have been a few early storylines breaking around the league.

The Miami Dolphins have been one of the most prominent story lines through the first three weeks of the season, starting off 0-4. While that may not seem all that bad with only three games, the true story is behind the scores of those games. During week one, the Dolphins hosted the Baltimore Ravens, and proceeded to lose that game 59-10. The Dolphins hosted the reigning Super Bowl champion Patriots for week two, and did not fare much better, losing 43-0. Perhaps hoping to turn things around on the road for the recent week three, the Dolphins then headed to Dallas to play the Cowboys, and lost that game 31-6. 

Dolphin opponents have scored 133 points this season, which on average is 44 a game. The Dolphins have 16, which is roughly five a game on average, less than a touchdown. Many players have requested trades, according to lead NFL analysts. 

“The Dolphins are absolutely terrible. It’s actually kind of funny to watch; I didn’t think someone could be that bad,” senior Blake Haffer said. 

Rookies fresh out of the draft have shown well early. The Giants first round draft pick Daniel Jones. After getting his first start when Eli Manning was benched, he lead his team to a comeback win in week three, beating the Buccaneers, 32-31. Arizona Cardinals quarterback and first overall draft pick Kyler Murray has had a nice start to his career as well. In his first two games, he threw for over 300 yards receiving, though the recent game against Carolina was a bit down, only completing 173 yards in the air. 

One of the oldest, but still one of the most successful players in the league, Tom Brady, still has not slowed down either. The 42 year old has thrown for over 260 yards each of his three starts so far, two of which amassed 300 yards. He is also completing roughly 70% of his throws attempted, which is a good number for a player, especially of his age. 

“The NFL season has had some interesting twists and news headlines already. I’m hoping that the Patriots win the Super Bowl. They have a good team, and it would be cool to see Tom Brady continue on his legacy,” senior Noah Morris said.

The NFL season is now only four weeks in, and seems to have good potential for more storylines throughout the rest of the season.