Trending Homecoming Dress Styles in 2019

Kya Gooch, Reporter

Shopping for a homecoming dress can become the most stressful part of what should be an easy-going night. Finding the dress that is the perfect fit, with stylish colors, embellishments and fabrics can become very difficult. 

In past years, expensive, designer dresses were chosen for homecoming. This has taken a turn recently, with affordability becoming a huge deciding factor when picking out a dress. It is predicted that most students will spend between $99 and $150 on their homecoming dresses this year (NBC News, 2019).

“This year, I didn’t want to spend over $100, like I have for previous years,” junior Kaitlyn Mcconnell said.

Simple a-line dresses in solid colors are extremely popular. Colors that are expected to come back for 2019 are burgundy, navy blue and mauve. Newer anticipated trends for 2019 include more glitter and sequins. Yellow and rose gold will also be popular this homecoming. Stand-out features, like full glitter dresses and open or lace up backs will be seen on otherwise simple dresses (NBC News, 2019).

These predicted trends can be seen at Timberland, where students are preparing for homecoming, which is now less than a week away.

“I got my dress at Camille La Vie for $140. I was looking for a black or yellow dress, but I ended up getting a simple blue one, which is the color I almost always wear to homecoming,” senior Alexis Huebener said.

Simple dresses that are tight-to-the-body are also popular right now, according to NBC news.

“My dress is tight and plain black, with some silver embellishments. I wanted a more mature look this year, and I was getting tired of the typical poofy skirt style of dress,” senior Shelby Crim said.

Short a-line dresses with an open back and a v-neckline were among the most popular dresses for homecoming in 2018, and it seems like they will remain in style for 2019 as well (NBC News 2019).

“I got my dress at Von Maur for $60. It is a simple white dress that has some fun features, like an open back with lace details,” senior Hannah Chapman said.

With homecoming less than a week away, there is less time to purchase a dress. This can be stressful, however, trending styles this year are easy to obtain since they are so simple. There are more affordable dresses available for students than in previous years as well, making it much more effortless for busy students to obtain a cute, trendy, dress.


Senior, Alexis Huebener, showing off her homecoming dress.