Emmy Treadway’s Future in Fashion

Denise Trescott, Report & Editor

Senior Emmy Treadway’s hopes to one day work in fashion, an interest she initially cultivated in middle school. 

“I’ve been [working] in the industry since sophomore year, when I got my first internship with a fashion designer,” Treadway said.

Treadway said she incorporates her art into her fashion pieces.

 “Art transfers to fashion because a lot of stuff that i’m interested in art and that I actually draw and recreate in my art I incorporate into my fashion. So I really like the stars and the moon and just galaxies and learning about that. I actually had a dress in the beginning of the year that I had in this class and there were people taking pictures and behind it were the stars and it was the night sky and it was really really cool,” Treadway siad.

Senior Samantha Kuper is another art student at THS.

 “Emily’s art  is different from others because in a way she kind of kind of takes what others have done already and mixes it with her own style you know her own feelings and inspirations,” said Kuper.

Art Teacher Crystal Wing said Treadway’s art is different because she focuses on fashion.

 “I really enjoy that she is bringing focus to the fashion and away from the figure which is kind of different from what a lot of other people do in the fashion world. They put all into the human that is wearing it and hers is truly focused on fashion,” Wing said.