Friday Night Lights

Tayonna Henderson, Reporter

October 11 the Timberland Varsity Football team played the Washington Bluejays at Washington High School at 7 p.m.

Following a loss to Liberty High School at their last game, homecoming, senior Joseph Larsen had a few words to say about last week’s game and the hopes he has for this week’s game.

“I think we prepared well, and we have gone against a team with the same offense. Our defense is ready. It’s up to the offense to put some points on the board,” Senior Joseph Larsen

“Losing to Liberty really was a setback for the team. It was also a wake-up call to practice better and to come together as a family. We have to right mindset this time around. That we can’t take everyone lightly,” Larsen said.

Junior Josh Arndt said the team can do somethings differently than what the team has done. 

“Losing to Liberty was a game-changer. We have to come together more, and Washington is a harder team to play. As a team and make sure we’re about our business and about winning,” Arndt said.

Senior Lawrence Watson said he feels like the team as made many improvements.

“I feel like myself as well as my teammates have more mentally prepared ourselves rather than physical because we feel like the problem is our chemistry and our sportsmanship. So for this game and so forward we are striving for better results,” Watson said.

Senior Will Huelskamp had a few words to say about the game.

“I feel like practice is a very important part, the guys have been more frocks this week than the last week. Washington is a very hard team to beat,” Huelskamp said.