Imminent Boundary Changes

Luke Morgan, Reporter

Over the past several years, the Wentzville School District has grown exponentially. With the rapid growth, new schools were needed; new schools mean there is a need for new school boundaries. Due to the boundary changes, many students in the Wentzville School District will have to change schools. 

“The boundary changes will affect students at Timberland and all across the district,” principal Kyle Lindquist said.

Some boundary changes will require some students who are currently slated to attend Liberty, Holt or Timberland to switch to a different high school or the new high school according to communications officer Mary LaPak.

An example of Timberland Students being affected is Carlton Glenn residents. If the current proposed boundary changes pass, Carlton Glenn students will attend Holt instead of Timberland. Other students currently listed to attend Timberland could be moved to the new high school.

“Holt and Liberty are currently over capacity, and Liberty is approaching capacity. So with the fourth high school opening it will help us with capacity issues,” Lindquist said.

Overcrowding is an issue for numerous reasons; it can cause abstract lunch times for some students, traffic congestion in the hallways, congestion on the roads near the school and poorer test scores, according to the Community and Environmental Defense Services

“The changes would affect me really badly, because Timberland is a lot closer to me,” sophomore Andrew Stapf said.

Besides the new high school, which will open in 2021-2022, a new elementary school  will open in 2020-2021. The new elementary school will be located on Interstate Drive near South Point Prairie and will be a 31 acre campus, whereas the high  school will be located at the northwest corner of N. Meyer Road and N. Prairie Point and will be a roughly 109 acre campus, according to the WSD website.

Boundary changes, once solidified, will be implemented starting in 2021-2022. 

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