Wentzville – City of Growth

Josh Calloni, Reporter

Wentzville is growing at a rapid rate, and there are a lot of new companies and businesses coming to town in the near future. 

Many of them are new restaurants coming to the Wentzville area. One of which is Sauce on the Side, a calzone restaurant located in front of the Dierbergs in off of Wentzville Parkway, adjacent to the On the Run and O’Reilly auto parts. 

Also being developed in that area is a McCallister’s, a deli style restaurant that sells sandwiches, soups, and many other deli-like products. That will be developed in the open field between the Dierbergs and the CVS Pharmacy, which is located across the street from Pitman Funeral Home. Also coming to Wentzville is a Sugarfire Barbeque restaurant. This one is particular is very close to being open, and will be located behind the Stefanina’s, right near the brand new Holiday Inn built in that general area. 

“I hope that Wentzville get some more new places to eat in the coming year. Everything is kind of getting old,” freshman Ethan Alderson sad. 

There are many other new businesses and such coming to Wentzville as well. Most notably, a new recreational center that is being proposed. The recreation center in a similar area as the McCallisters deli, and would be part of a $40 million project funded by Rams owner Stan Kroenke. Also, going into this area, if approved, would be a new grocery store, other retail, restaurants, a tire store, medical offices, and parking lots to accommodate all of these. 

“I am excited for all the new restaurants and things coming to Wentzville. Our city is growing so much and is becoming such a better place to live with more things to do. Getting a rec center would be fun too, because it could give people more things to do after school besides work and sit around,” sophomore Rylee Ueltzen said.

Along with all of this, Wentzville School District’s new high school is coming in further down the road. It will be located off of West Meyer Road. To accomodate for the school, many new road construction projects are underway between the Wentzville and Foristell exits to reduce traffic once the school opens. 

 There are also means many new housing developments around the area, as the capacity of schools are getting so high now that they were forced to build and eventually open a new high school.

Most of these businesses are expecting to be done by the middle of 2020 or earlier, aside from the school and the proposed recreation center.