Art Club Feature

Jacob Windham, Anchor, Reporter

Creating what was once a thought is something the Art Club is able to say that they do. The Art Club focuses on many aspects of drawing, sculpting and painting.

According to senior Denise Trescott, the materials used in the Art Club include ink, paper, pencil, and paint. The members use these materials to create many posters and drawings that are placed around the school.

In October, the Art Club participated in Inktober. Inktober is an event where a prompt is given that must be transformed into an original creation while only using ink.

Pinwheels for peace, backdrops for homecoming and pumpkin carvings include other activities that the Art Club has previously taken part in.

The Art Club, open for anyone, allows students of Timberland to make any ideas that they may have become tangible.

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