NBA First Week

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

With the first week of the NBA season in the books some teams look good, other arent looking as good as expected.

“It’s hard to tell what teams will be good this early. It’s important to remember that, because the first few weeks are really just for figuring things out,” senior Blake Lyerla said. 

Many players have had exceptional starts including Trae Young a second year player who is averaging 34ppg and nine apg. He is also averaging 58% on shooting. 

“The warriors needed to be taken down. They have been in the spotlight to long,” senior Amare Johnson said. 

The Warriors have a record of 2-5. Last season the Warriors were the number one team in the western conference and made it to the NBA Finals. However in the offseason they lost an important player in forward Kevin Durant. While this move was expected to have an impact it was not predicted to be this big.

“I’m not surprised the Kings don’t have a win under the belt yet. They can’t seem to make good moves in the offseason and can’t keep good players long enough to win consistently,” Lyerla said. 

The Sacramento Kings are the only team who did not win a game in the first week. Now with a 2-5 record. Last season the kings had 39 wins, that was the team’s best total wins in a season in the past 13 years.