How To Prep For Finals

Josh Calloni, Reporter

First semester finals are just around the corner, and students all around Timberland are starting to prepare in various ways.

For sure, the best way to go about studying is with other people. A group studying has been proven to help people learn best, according to a CNN article.

 However, if studying in a group is not always an option, using flashcards to quiz yourself, or QuizLet, is also viable studying options. 

Reviewing study guides can be helpful, as many times, study guides look very similar to the test. Using your teachers to ask questions and get extra help can also be beneficial in studying. 

Finally, making sure students get adequate rest before tests, and making sure you study early and often in preparation can each have big impacts on test scores. 

“I like to use QuizLet as a study tool, I think it’s very helpful to me, and it has lots of different options to help, like a quiz option or just simply reading flashcards,” freshman Ethan Alderson said. 

The CNN article also suggests studying using methods similar to this. On top of those previously listed, overreading notes that have been taken in class, and then making flashcards are all studying options that have proven to help students find success with their finals and other tests. To counter that however, the article also suggests that reading is not always the best way to study. Many articles say that while it helps, it should be accompanied by another form of studying. 

“I find that taking good notes and going over them as a study tool is very helpful. Learning the material when it’s first taught is the most important thing in preparation for tests, in my opinion,” junior Greyson Manor said. 

There are many events leading up to finals week that is held throughout the month of December. Timberland hosts a finals cram, and many teachers around the school offer up extra credit for students who participate in it. The event will take place in the week leading up to finals week.