Pitcher Felipe Vazquez Facing New Charges

Josh Calloni, Reporter

Pirates all star reliever Felipe Vazquez is still in the news, and now he is facing 21 charges of illegal possession of underage sexual content.

Vazquez, has been in prison since September 17, was originally arrested on charges that he had attempted to have a sexual relationship with an underage girl multiple times. The girl was a fan that he had begun talking too after meeting her in the bullpen at PNC Park in Pittsburgh one day. The new charges do not bring any favors to Vazquez, as he was already facing a lengthy jail sentence.

“Vazquez will never throw another major league pitch again I think the new charges just confirm that,” senior Austin White said. 

Vazquez, 28,  will likely now face a harsher sentence. There are even rumors being spread by those close to the story that Vazquez is facing deportation back to his home country of Venezuela. As of now, however, he is being held in prison in Florida, where the charges stem from, and is considered a flight risk. He is not being given bond.

To the baseball side of things, it is likely that Vazquez will never step on a major league mound again, for a multitude of reasons. One, it is unlikely that he is free any time soon for there to be interest. Two, if he were to be freed, with his charges, it is unlikely that any major league team would deem him worthy of a contract. 

Vazquez had been one of the league’s best lefty relievers, being named to two All Star games, and owning an ERA of 1.65 up until his arrest in September. 

“It will be interesting to see just how harsh his punishment is going to be, as it should be,” senior Adam Polly said. 

The Pirates agreed to place Vazquez on administrative leave, as part of the leagues joint domestic, child and sexual abuse policy. However, the Pirates are left paying his contract still, which is $22 million until 2023. It is not known if the Pirates will be able to retain this money. 

Currently, no trial or sentencing date is set for Vazquez.