XXXTENTACION Posthumous Album Released

Josh Calloni, Reporter

Late rapper XXXTENTACION, had his last album, Bad Vibes Forever, released on December 6th. 

The album, which is the rappers longest since his death, lasts 57 minutes and 24 seconds and contains 25 songs. Only three of those songs pass the three minute mark in length,. The new album is much longer than his first posthumous album, Skins, which lasted just over 20 minutes and contained 10 songs. Three of the 25 songs on the album were pre released, “Royalty”, which is performed with Bob Marley’s son, “Hearteater”, which is a solo, and “Bad Vibes Forever”, which features PNB Rock and Trippie Redd. Each of the songs on the album were written by the late rapper as well. 

“The new album is pretty good. I’m just surprised it’s as long as it is, he’s been dead for some time now,” senior Garrison Hoff said. 

To get the length needed for some songs, 15 of them have features with other artists. The remaining 10 songs are the shortest of the album, including the shortest of them all, Numb the Pain, which is just over one minute and ten seconds. 

Some of the artists who feature on the album include Torey Lanez, Rick Ross, Noah Cyrus, Lil Wayne,  Joyner Lucas and blink-182. On the contrary to the solos, the songs with features predominantly last from two and a half minutes upwards to four, which is the longest length song on the album. 

“The album is pretty good; I think the features added to it just make it that much better though,” senior Noah Morris said. 

This album will be somewhat of a legacy for the late rapper, whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy. It is said to be his last album, and with it being nearly a year and a half after his death, the unreleased music recorded prior to his passing could be getting thin. In that case, the album could very well be the last taste of new music that fans of the rapper get from him

So far, the album has been rated very well through various online rating sites such as Genius, Google and Amazon music.