Daily story – 12/11 – Fire Alarm

Kya Gooch, Reporter

Students got to school bright and early on Tuesday morning. Many had gathered in the hallways, waiting for the warning bell to start heading to class. Outside of the school, student drivers were still getting parking spots and heading into the building. What no one was expecting was the fire alarm to go off on their walk to their first hour class. 

On December 10, right before school, at 7:18 a.m., a fire alarm went off, causing confusion and nerves in the students and staff. 

“I have a free period, so I was sitting in the cafeteria when I saw a light flash. I thought someone was taking pictures with flash on until the alarm started going off,” sophomore Lindsay Rehme said.

Since many students had not  made it to class yet, some were unsure of where to go. With help from staff, students exited the school and made their way to stand with the rest of their class outside. 

“I wasn’t sure what was happening at first, I figured someone probably pulled the alarm as a joke until teachers started telling me I had to get out quick,” senior Abby Island said. 

As students stood in the 22 degree weather, a fire truck pulled up outside of the school. After firemen had inspected the school, students were allowed back inside after standing in the cold for almost 20 minutes. 

“I had to wear my dance uniform to school, which is basically a skirt and jacket, and by the time we got inside, I could barely feel my legs,” junior Kaitlyn Mcconnell said.

Many students who drove themselves to school hadn’t entered the building yet. 

“I was about to walk in when the alarm went off. A teacher told me and other people who were about to walk in to go sit in our cars and wait…most people got back to their cars and just left,” senior Melissa Rogge said. 

One day later and students are still unaware of what happened. One student, Ian Enright, said he asked Timberland’s resource officer what happened and she told him that a fire alarm was falsely set off because it was covered in dust.

Although there was a lack of communication and students had to stand in below freezing weather, most students agree that it added excitement to their week and it was an interesting start to their typical Tuesday.