Are you going to study?

Tayonna Henderson, Reporter

After having two snow days back to back this week. The WSD said that “final exams will only be used to positively impact a student’s grade this semester.” Meaning if the final brings down the student’s grade it will not count towards them. This brings up the question, should students still study? 

Most students that are doing very well in their classes are not worrying over fails. But for the students that are close to failing, this could raise their grade or keep their grade the same. 

The stress about finals has lessened with the fact that student’s grades would not be affected in a negative way. Some are going to be working on getting missing work in, and others are going to catch up on some rest so they are fully energized for the days to come.

Even though some are going to say all students should still study even if it does not affect the grade in a negative way, the student grade will only increase.

To some students, their grades are where they need to be, and stressing about getting them higher only. Teachers are letting the final study guide be worth points to a letter grade.

For those who are worried about their grades still, just use a final calculator to see what you need to get on your final to pass for the semester. Good luck to all that are taking their finals.