ACT Prep

Josh Calloni, Reporter

With the second semester of school underway, ACT test sessions become more and more important around Timberland, as students test scores become due for college applications. 

Some suggested study methods for the ACT are to simply review what students can while they have the opportunity to do so, according to the ACT site. Reviewing broadly for the subjects on the test is the best option, according to the ACT review article on their website. While the exact material will never be on the test, getting a broad idea of what students could see come test day could go further than some students expect. 

“I think the school does a lot to prepare us for the ACT,” senior Zach Russell said.

According to ACT, one of the best ways to prepare outside of school for an ACT test is to make a study schedule for yourself. Plan out a night every week to study for a certain subject and plan out how long to study for that night. For example, each Wednesday, study for the math portion for two hours, and repeat that every week until the test. Following this schedule will not only get students prepared for the ACT test, but make sure that each subject has been looked over evenly and as best as possible.

“The ACT Test Prep sessions are so helpful, I think they really helped me the last time I took my ACT,” junior Jacob Brewer said. 

As for the school, Timberland offers many different ways to study for the ACT. The school offers many different sessions of ACT Test Prep, which teaches students other methods to study, as well as goes over practices tests and questions for students to review from further. On top of this, for the most upcoming test, Timberland will hold an ACT Trivia Pancake Breakfast. 

This will be like an ACT Test Prep session, but into trivia form, asking questions that could be seen on an ACT test, and as the name suggests, breakfast will be served with it. 

The ACT schedule for upcoming tests and how to plan can be found on the Timberland High School website, or can be found by asking your counselor for the information.