Spring Break

Josh Calloni, Reporter

Spring Break is upon us, and with a lot to do around the city and beyond.

St. Louis offers a lot of new things to do in the spring time this year. Beyond the normal Arch Grounds or City Museum visit, the new aquarium and ferris wheel built at Union Station offers up a new and different day long activity for students and their families to do during spring break. The aquarium costs only $25 a person, and the ferris wheel is $15 for a 15 minute ride overlooking the St. Louis skyline. 

1The St. Louis Zoo has also been planning some expansions, and completing some older ones, and with the changing weather, spring break would give a good opportunity for those wanting to go check it out. 

“I’m staying home for spring break, I’m gonna work extra, earn some extra money and just relax,” freshman Ethan Alderson said. 

For those wanting to search a little farther out, but not too far, Kansas City also offers up a lot to do in the month of March. The city is known for its many museums, parks, and it’s zoo as well. 

Branson offers another alternative to St. Louis with some spring-like activities, as many of the opening weekends for the events in the town occur in mid-March, just in time for Timberland’s spring break. This adds on to the other attractions in Branson that are open year round, like the Titanic Museum, and many of the shows offered along the Branson strip. 

“I’m going to Florida for Spring Break, and hopefully, getting away from the cold weather in Missouri,” junior Chase Christian said. 

Of course, there is always the option of staying home and simply enjoying your time off from school during the week of spring break. The weather forecast is still too far out to predict, but, late March statistically offers decent weather.

Spring Break is March 20th through the 29th, which is roughly three weeks away.