Was ‘IT’ Worth it?

A Movie Review

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Stephen King is a twisted genius whose  amazing book, “IT” has hit the theaters yet again. Rotten Tomatoes gave “IT” an 87 percent,  however it was not as the hype would have viewers to believe. The actors were okay, but the movie was not scary; the most terrifying scenes were in the previews, which took away from the fright factor.

With the original being made in 90’s  the technology has improved. Creating a new thrill factor for the special effects makeup and props.  The CGI for this movie is the best for a long time, besides the lack of fear.

This “loser club” of kids is the best portrayal of kid acting since “The Little Rascals”. The actor who portrayed the clown Pennywise was very creepy and had modernized the clown well.

The character Ben looked like he was nine and Beverly looked like she was about 15. The way the acting made them seem older but their appearance was completely younger than their intended age. Making the film very confusing on the age gap and should have been casted differently.

The character development throughout the movie was wonderful, with each character getting their moment of growth. All the characters feed off of each other. The movie made sure that the characters built up a bond and that is very important in a good movie.

One of the best updates to the film happens at the end, when the kids are in the sewer viewers find out what it means to “float”. In both movies the main saying is ‘you’ll float too’ or ‘we all float down here. In the original, viewers do not find out what floating means, but in the reboot, they do.

The classics are usually prefered. Lots of people said that they prefered the original.  People comparing the two did not enjoy how the new movie changed some of the plot. Honestly the movie was worth it and not worth it. The newer take on this classic is a refreshing modernized version.