Tesla: Worth it or not?

Josh Calloni, Reporter

With all the advanced technology available today, it was only a matter of time before vehicles also began evolving.

Tesla, an electric-automobile company, has developed a line of electric, self driving cars. So far they have released three models; Model X, Model S and Model 3.

“I like how they are changing the way cars are being made and how they are using electric cars instead of gas cars,” sophomore Adam Thomason said.

Each of the cars have their own special features. The Model S has adaptive lighting, meaning the lights turn with the car, making it easier to see the road on turns. It also has Bio-Weapon Defense Mode. This helps eliminate 99.97 percent of particulate exhaust pollution, allergens and bacteria in the air, according to Tesla’s website. The Model X has falcon wing doors, meaning they open up instead of out. It can go up to 295 miles on one charge and a panoramic windshield, giving passengers better views of the sky and their surroundings while driving. As well as collision warnings, and the Bio-Weapon Defense Mode.

“I think the cars are pretty cost effective, for what [features] they have,” Thomason said.

The costs for these cars vary by model. The Model S starts at the price of $68,000 before incentives. The Model X is the most expensive model, as it starts at $79,500, before incentives. The Model 3, the cheapest car, starts at , $35,000 before incentives. Car magazine companies such as “Car and Driver”, “Edmunds”, and “US News & World Report” give these cars ratings of 4-5/5 ranges.  

“The cars are really fancy, but surprisingly cheap, and they seem safe. It seems like a nice car to own,” sophomore Zach Russell said.