Homecoming Spirit Week Approaches

StuCo sponsors spirit days leading up to the homecoming game and dance.

Hermara Mosley, Reporter

Homecoming is just around the corner, with many students prepare for the dance and football game. There is also the usually eventual spirit week, sponsored by Student Council. 

When StuCo plans the multiple spirit weeks each school year, they have to make sure they balance new and old ideas.

“We don’t want to have the same spirit theme, because people do get bored… but we do try and keep the classics,” StuCo member junior Kenzie Lucas said.

Elements, such as the theme of the upcoming dance, help the members pick which days will be celebrated.

“We try and base the spirit days off of the homecoming theme,” Lucas said.

This year’s homecoming theme is  “Under A Galaxy Of Stars.” Each of the spirit days was designed to fit in with the space theme.  The week starts with Monday’s Space Jammies (pajama day) and Tuesday’s Superstar (dress for success) day.

“I’m most excited for wacky Wednesday, because I really wanna see how far the school goes with everything,” Lucas commented.

The week wraps up with What in the World Wednesday, a day to be silly, tacky and a bit Wacky. Thursday is Clone Wars, more traditionally known as  Twin Day Lastly, Friday is a Black Hole, come dressed in all black.

Dressing up for these days helps contribute to Stuco’s spirit wear race, a year-long competition between each grade.