HoCo Dance Recap


Homecoming Dance 2017

The annual homecoming dance was this past weekend, a night full of dresses, music, laughs and memories.

For many, Saturday was filled with preparation and pictures. 

“It was fun if you made it fun. The music was bad, but if you just acted like it was good, then it was a fun time. You just have to make the most of it,” senior Bryan Belanger said.  

Many enjoyed the dance, but with a fun time often comes some flaws.

“It always gets so hot just because so many people are there. One word to describe it is sweaty,” senior Kendall Enyart said.


Besides a few disappointments, the turn out of the crowd was really amazing. Adding to the increasing temperature in the room, as well as less room for some dance moves.

“It was so crowded, it was hard not to have your toes stepped on,” Enyart said.

Some did not even attend the dance, just simply participated in the fun of dressing up and being able to take pictures with friends.

“I just took pictures and went to dinner with my date and friends; I did not go to the dance,” senior Kierra Haskell said.

Many students attended. StuCo member Carley Gubera said approximately 1,200 tickets were sold.

Allison Jordan
Homecoming Dance 2017