NBA 2K18 Review

Blake Haffer, Reporter

The new NBA 2K18 video game just came out and there are a lot of exciting aspects in the game.

One of the most anticipated things about the game were the changes to the MyCareer mode.  The new theme in the mode is “Run the neighborhood” and that is really what it it is all about.  When players choose a team to play for, they are placed in a neighborhood where you can shop for clothes and shoes, train their player, and even interact and play with other real life players.  MyCareer has always been one of the most popular things in the game and these additions add a whole new concept to it.

After playing around with the mode for a while, the concept of the career mode was likeable.  It was cool to interact with other real players in the neighborhood.  One thing that players of the game may not like so much is the longer loading times in the mode.  The feature where they can connect with other players and see what they are doing has caused loading times to slow down.

Another new feature in the game is the twist on the MyGM mode.  MyGM is a mode where players control every aspect of a team and they can play a full season or more with that team.  This year, 2K added more a story to the mode where players can interact more with the players to fit the needs of the team.

The game designers at 2K also added a feature where players can play as an all time team for every NBA team.  These teams are composed of what 2K considers the best players ever for each team.  In addition to these rosters, they have also added more legend teams which are the roster from a team in a certain year.  These rosters and teams are great to use when players play at home with friends because they allow for different types of teams all the time.  It is not just the basic NBA teams.

NBA 2K was already considered one of the best game series and they just added a bunch of new features that people are bound to enjoy.