US Men’s Soccer Team

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

This is the first year since 1986 that the US Men’s Soccer team has not gone to the World Cup. The men’s team was beaten by Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday, October 17.

“That game was disappointing” history teacher Missy Stephens said.

Tobago and Trinidad are sister islands off the coast of Venezuela with a population of approximately one million. This is the island’s first shot at the world cup.  

“[I don’t think] they are going to go very far; there are much better teams in Europe that will knock them out,” freshman Grant Habedank said.

The score of the heavily discussed game was  2-1, and  showed that Trinidad and Tobago came to defend the goal and not let US get by them.

The United States has been eliminated from World Cup 2018. The most surreal and embarrassing night in US soccer history,” ESPN reporter Grant Wahl posted on Twitter.

As the first half came to an end, the score was 2-0, Trinidad and Tobago’s defense not letting the US score. 

“It was sad that they could not pull a win off,” Stephens said.

The U.S. has previously appeared in the World Cup ten times.