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History and Celebrations of Halloween.

Josh Calloni, Reporter

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Today is October 31, or better known to many as Halloween.

Halloween is celebrated worldwide in many different ways. In the U.S., people dress up during the day, and at night, kids go out and trick or treat. The holiday comes from origins of Christian folklore, that it was the night that the veil between the material world and the afterlife was most transparent.  

In Asia, Halloween is celebrated with festivals and shows, however, very little trick or treating happens with the children of the area. In Australia, the holiday is not nationally celebrated, however non-religious celebration, and the celebrations they have resemble that of North America’s. In Europe, Halloween is not as common as a celebration. The countries that do celebrate, like Germany, Russia and Poland, haven’t started celebrating it until the 1990’s. They celebrate much like the rest of the world, with festivals, celebrations and trick or treating.  

“I celebrate Halloween by dressing up, and at night I spend time with my family and neighbors around a campfire,” freshman Jacob Brewer said.

 Of course, with all of the candy and food being passed around, problems come afoot. Many parents worry and warnings go out each year about recalls in certain types of candy, and there are always rumors of people sneaking drugs into the candy they give out.

Reporters Note: We wish our readers, a Happy Halloween… However you celebrate your holiday, enjoy it, and stay safe while going around town!

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History and Celebrations of Halloween.