Black Friday History

Black Friday in Other Countries

Audrey Whalen , Reporter


Black Friday is not just a holiday tradition in the United States, other countries celebrate it too. Yet, in other countries the shopping day is not as hectic as it is in the United States.

The holiday originally started in the United States. The term “black Friday” comes from store owners using black ink to indicate a profit; traditionally the day after thanksgiving was the day shop owners would cross into the black.

“I love going black Friday shopping. The deals are awesome,”senior Cassidee Wakefield said.

In Canada people walk in and get clapped at. In the UK they all walk into the store in a single file line according to an author at the Bloomberg website.  

“It’s crazy here in America. I wish we could go shop over in Britain; they act like normal human beings,” junior Drue Young said.

The label Black Friday has been used since 1924, according to independent retailer website.