Battle of the Majors

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Bella Rainey, Webmaster & Reporter

In this day in age, getting a college education is a societal expectation for relatively everyone. Getting an entry-level job almost always requires a Bachelor’s degree, according to The big question is how relevant or significant are these degrees, and how do they define you?


For hundreds of thousands of dollars, students are receiving degrees in all types of fields: STEM, Fine Arts, Business, Medicine, Education. Some argue that one’s degree makes them smarter than another, or that their degree is more difficult than the next.


On Twitter, arguments have broken out between mostly STEM and Art majors regarding the difficulty of their degree. A STEM major on Twitter said that classes such as Biochemistry do not compare to “cutting out an art project”, obviously triggering a heated conversation regarding major significance.


Fine Arts majors put their whole life into their work, as well as STEM, according to Buzzfeed News.


Spending time devoted to perfecting a scene, or finishing a final draft of a drawing are exhausting tasks that those students take very seriously. This effort is no different than the effort put in by other majors, such as STEM.


Overall, a college education is not easy. There is not a single path of education that is more important or more difficult than another because those paths are tailored to specific students with specific abilities. To find out more about career paths and education outcomes, visit