Creativity In The Classroom


“Creative” Lettering by Bella Rainey Photo Credits: Bella Rainey

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter

The availability and resources for creative minds in the classroom is lacking, and overall is hindering the ability for students to express themselves and explore a possible career opportunity.


Whether it is graphic online design, or drawing with a pen and paper, students deserve the opportunity to find what they enjoy without criticism. The arts and creative fields tend to be looked down on because of perceived lower salaries, therefore they are never pushed on kids the way STEM classes and careers tend to be. While making a living is important, some people would rather do something that excites them everyday, rather than something they dread.


More often than not, the resources for enforcing a creative teaching environment or style is lacking and not provided by the school or school district. Also, teachers tend to be forced into a specific curriculum that contains their classroom to a specific way of teaching the students the material.


While it may be expensive or time consuming, showing children that there is more than one way to think or function is vital to who they grow into one day. Not every child learns in the same way, and encouraging one way learning is automatically discouraging individuality, uniqueness and creative thinking.


There should be limits and boundaries in the classroom, and it should not just be a free hour to find out what one likes everyday, but there needs to be a middle ground. Giving more than one option for how to do a project, or offering more rigorous classes related to the arts would be a huge encourager for students to dive into what interests them.


For example, the Advanced Placement program offers many classes for students to get ahead of their freshman and sophomore year classes in college. There are 38 available AP courses, but only 5 are art and music related, according to Expanding these course offerings would be a stepping stone for students to desire to endure an art related college major and possible career.


Overall, students could greatly benefit for an encouraged creativity in the classroom and more opportunities in the arts field. Through a more supportive faculty and a fresh curriculum, students could greatly benefit from a more creative classroom.