Waffle House Shooting

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Police arrested a man who is being accused of shooting four people at Waffle House in Tennessee.  Authorities caught Travis Reinking, behind a construction site. Police said Reinking immediately lay on the ground and surrendered when an officer approached him with his gun drawn.  Reinking was taken to a hospital after his arrest and booked later Monday at the Hill Detention Center on four counts of criminal homicide.  Reinking was originally jailed on a $2 million bond, a bond hearing is set for Wednesday.

”This makes me not want to go into the local Waffle House. I know it happened in Nashville but it still scares me,” junior Cierra Antonacci.

Wearing only a jacket, the accused gunman, 29-year-old Travis Reinking, allegedly fatally shot two people outside the Antioch restaurant, police said. He continued his rampage inside the restaurant, killing two more. Reinking fled the scene completely naked after a customer intervened. Police swarmed homes and swaths of woods in the area of the shooting, searching for the suspect, who was added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s “Top 10 Most Wanted” list. He remained at large until a member of the public spotted him emerging from the woods Monday afternoon and phoned 911. Reinking is due in court Wednesday to face four counts of criminal homicide.

“The fact that he was naked probably means that he was on drugs. Which is not surprising for the type of crime it was,” senior Alex Clutter.

Reinking had accumulated a long list of red flags in recent years; police said he showed signs of mental instability, had extensive run-ins with authorities, and had his firearms license revoked and his guns taken away by authorities last year. He allegedly carried out the mass shooting with one of the guns police had removed. 

“He should have never been able to access a gun if his license was taken away. It is a perfect example of the gun right’s needing to be stricter,” junior Abby Poss.