Homework…Is it a Necessary Evil?

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Homework can be beneficial, and it can have negative impacts.

Giving a student too much homework can cause them to become overwhelmed, often resulting in the homework not being completed.

Doing research lots of teachers, students, parents, and even principals believe homework should not be a heavy stressor. The student should not have to spend eight hours a night doing homework.

According to Newsweek,  homework should not exceed 20 minutes per night. Not 20 minutes for each class, 20 minutes total. If one only had 20 minutes of homework a night one would have more time to work, see my family, and see my friends.

Homework, for the kids who already know the material is a waste of time. One won’t do the homework and will still pass the tests, therefore causing unnecessary zeros  in their grade book. Students who do not do their homework because laziness is the most common excuse. If there is class time to work on the homework one will goof around and not get anything done. But how is a teacher supposed to make sure that student succeeds? Give class time is the only option if the student will not do the homework at home.

 Another website shows all the physiological factors that go into banning homework, or just limiting it. The article also gives pros to homework and cons to the topic. Both sides have credible reasons.

Instead of large amounts of work, give students five questions a night. This amount can be okay for them. Students have seven classes; five problems per class means 35 questions a night.