Twilight… Books or movies?

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

The Twilight saga got lots of attention, but some fans did not enjoy the moves as much as the books.

The book series was favored over the movies for various reasons. One of them is the acting in the movies was subpar. Edward in the books is made out to be a beautiful creature and Robert Pattinson looked sickly.

Another major factor was Jacob Black in the books is the bad guy. He tries to steal Bella away from Edward. In the movies Taylor Lautner steals all the attention due to his good looks. People lost focus on the point that he was a bad guy and not the good guy.

Some claim that the fight scenes were too cheesy and J.K. Rowing described the fight scene better in the books than the movies put off. The first movie took too long to get started, some noticed that it was dragging on and not getting to the point like the books did.

The movies as they go on in the series get better, Breaking Dawn Pt 2 is the better one. Bella becomes a vampire.. Of course it is the better movie  Everyone was anticipating her becoming a vampire.

Kristen Stewart’s acting was atrocious, she could not get into the role and her acting was flat out awkward. She looked like she was not sure what she was doing the whole time. The way she delivered her lines made it seem like she did not know them at all. She also delivered her lines like a toddler would, she had no emotion in her voice, excited or not. She butchered the role to the extreme.

The books gave off the vibe of happiness and tragic love, which has been popular in history. Twilight was compared to Romeo and Juliet, with the star crossed lover aspects according to