Dwight Howard Harassment Accusations

Dwight Howard was accused of harassing Masin Elije after they allegedly had a relationship and broke up.

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Masin Elije was trending on twitter after he accused NBA center Dwight Howard and his camp of making threats towards him, because he did not sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) after Howard and Elije’s romance ended.

“He was fine. 6-foot-11, goofy, very charming. No wife, and never been married so of course I was interested. I kept it real with him and he kept it real with me about everything except one thing,” Elije tweeted.

Elije is a writer who claimed to be Howard’s ex-boyfriend, whose relationship came to an end after Howard allegedly cheated and fell for someone else. Elije was later asked to sign a non-disclosure announcement, and refused, this made Howard, his camp and pastor upset, so they allegedly threatened Elije.

“My relationship with Dwight was pretty much over in my eyes, especially after he threatened to “beat the … out of me.” Of course, I’m mouthy and threatened him back and said harsh things,” Elije tweeted.

The story started with Elije getting calls from blocked phone numbers and being told that it was Dwight Howard; he said it was not him, then later found out it was a person named Calvin Simmons who works for Howard. Simmons was disrespectful and irate that Elije did not take the money offered or sign the NDA, according to Elije. In the past Elije has also accused Playboi Carti of being homosexual, he also claimed that they had a romantic relationship that did not end well. Elije’s twitter posts about Carti were later taken down after they were exposed of being faked.

“Its bad, [that he got involved with Elije] there are gonna be people who will refuse to guard him to play with him, probably even his teammates,” junior Blake Lyerla said.