Sister Pallet

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

James Charles is a member of Youtube’s Beauty Community. He is known for saying “sister” and reviewing popular makeup. Recently, he released his own pallet.

The pallet has been sold out worldwide since it was released in November, according to Morphe Twitter.

Charles told viewers, through his Twitter and Snapchat, that fans who buy the pallet need to use primer to make the eyeshadow pop and pigmented. However, when using this product, there was no need for primer because when putting foundation on your eyes it acts as a primer. The colors pop and become pigmented without buying the expensive primer.

The pallet has so many options; one could do a simple look, or a bold look. Charles included it all for his fans so they would never have to buy a different pallet looking for specific colors.

Charles named all of his eyeshadows using his catchphrases, including “sister,” “tea” and “pinkity drinkity.” Charles has used these sayings in many of his videos, so fans were expecting the phrases to end up in his pallet, according to multiple tweets commenting on [Charles’s] launch post.  

The “Sister Pallet” will be available February 19 online at morphe and in Ulta stores, along with the “Sister Brushes.”