Derrick Rose Comeback Season

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Derrick Rose was the 2011 NBA MVP, but had injury after injury causing him to be out of games for most of every season since, but in the last year he has not been injured or sidelined and is making a comeback as a star player.

“It was awful the the things that happened to him; he was a really good player, but fell off because of all the injuries he suffered,” junior blake Lyerla said.

This season, Rose has had many moments of greatness, such as a 50 point game against the Utah Jazz in November, a 31 point performance against the Los Angeles Lakers in December and a 33 point game against the Sacramento Kings this month.

“He has had some really good games this season but still has not been consistent enough to be a starter for the Wolves,” junior Peyton Mecker said.

Rose has been averaging 18.8 ppg, 4.8 apg and 2.8 rpg on 19 minutes per games. He has not averaged above 20 ppg since his 2011 MVP season with the Chicago Bulls. Rose also never shot above 40 percent on 3 point attempts, until this season where he is fifth in all active for shooting percentage at 45.7 percent.

“He has never been a shooter until this year. It’s amazing how he adapted his playstyle after those injuries, going from a dunking machine to not being able to jump would be difficult,” junior Amare Johnson said.

Rose is currently second in All-Star voting for Guards in the Western Conference, and he said “I believe in myself and I know my teammates and coach do as well, and for that I’ll always be thankful.

“I hope he can [have] a great career… I would definitely want him on my team,” Lyerla said.