The Wall: An Opinion

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Ever since President Trump first announced his plan to build a wall on the border of America and Mexico in 2016, arguments have ensued debating whether a wall would keep illegal immigrants at bay.

Just building the wall would be nearly impossible, according to the show “Adam Ruins Everything.” The wall would cut through mountains, villages and even people’s homes.

Also, many illegal immigrants were legal with work visas, and simply overstayed their limit, according to an article from The

This wall would also not help because of something called “circular flow.” For decades Mexicans have come to the United States, worked for a short while, and then left. However, when the Bush and Reagan presidencies were around, citizens were concerned about the immigration, so, border control became much stricter. Because of this, Mexicans got so tired of the strict border control, they just built towns right on the border and stayed in America, according to the article.

Also, according to the United States border patrol, in 2015, illegal immigration was at an all time low. It actually made its peak in 1986, with 1,692,544 known illegal immigrants. There are more undocumented Mexicans leaving the U.S. every year than there are trying to enter the country.

According to “Adam Ruins Everything,” Mexico and The United States have the most militarized border ever seen between two nations at peace. So, instead of plateauing the immigration problem by building a useless wall, maybe we should open up the discussion and talk.