Fun Things to do on Valentine’s Day

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for people who have significant others. Some go out to dinner, some go to see a movie, and others just hang out. 

For those looking for something different this year, here are some possibilities.

One could go to a Blue’s game and enjoy watching the hometown hockey team. There is a game February 12 against the Seattle Devils. Tickets start at $21, through TicketMaster. 

“I would love to be taken to a Blues game; I have never been to one, and Valentine’s day would be a perfect time for that,” sophomore Kendra Atkin said.

Another idea is walk around Forest Park, then go to the Boat House, a muesum or  Turtle Park. Many of the Forest Park attractions are free.

“I love walking around Forest Park. The scenery is just so pretty and allows for really cute pictures,” junior Ainslee Cosman said.

Another option: go hangout at the Science Center. It is another free activity you can experience with someone. Vistiros can go to the planetarium and look at the stars and space or see all the exhibits that are set up for an experiment. There is also the IMAX theater that has shows all the time. The IMAX is not free, but is not the same as going to any other movie with a larger screen.

“I thought that the science center was something only kids who enjoyed science would like, but it is actually super fun and has stuff to do for all ages. My favorite part is using the speedometer guns and see how fast people are going on the highway,”  sophomore Joey Townsed said.