Kyler Murray Chooses Football

Josh Calloni, Reporter

Earlier this month, two way sports star Kyler Murray made a big decision, that he was going to be focusing on the NFL, as opposed to reporting to MLB Spring Training with the Oakland Athletics.

Murray, a standout at the University of Oklahoma, won the Heisman Trophy for the NCAA last season, and was drafted 9th overall in the MLB draft by the Oakland Athletics. The possibility of Murray being a two sport star was there immediately, but being such a prominent position in football, the quarterback, being a two sport star became less and less likely. All of that led up to Murray’s decision today that he would drop baseball from his life and focus 100% on football, and enter this years NFL draft, where he is projected to be a first round draft pick.

“I hope Murray gets drafted by the Raiders, and if he doesn’t, then I would think he made the wrong choice in sports,” junior Tommy Flores said.

The Athletics end up being the biggest loser out of this situation. They lose their first round draft pick from the year before, and at this moment, it is unclear if they will receive compensation for the pick. Murray, however, will immediately be in the top of the NFL world, instead of being in the minors with the Athletics for multiple seasons, and will ultimately get the most out of his decision, along with whatever team decides to draft him.

“I think he made the right choice. He knows the dangers and is going to get more money right away,” freshman Johnny Ohlms said.

However, the NFL is not all better than the MLB. Contracts in the MLB are guaranteed, meaning you are paid whatever money you sign to, no matter what. So you can be released, or if you have to retire for whatever reason, your money will still be there. The NFL does not have a policy like that, and contracts are not guaranteed. The MLB is also a bit safer than the NFL, especially with all of the CTE and concussion concerns surrounding the NFL and quarterbacks.

It is to be seen if this will end up being the right choice for Murray, though to him it might seem like it, because he will ultimately get more money right away than he would in the MLB.