Happy Death Day 2U

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

“Happy Death Day” is a scary movie about a young college student, Tree, who is celebrating her birthday, over and over again. Tree, played Jessica Rothe, wakes up in a unfamiliar dorm to her birthday ringtone. As she is getting ready for her “party” she gets murdered, but wakes up in that same unfamiliar bed reliving the same day. The whole movie is about Tree solving the mystery of who her murderer is.

“The first movie was okay, it was not super scary but the movie definitely had some parts that kept me guessing. I couldn’t figure out who the killer was but they kept it in plain sight and I should’ve figured it out,” senior Kaylee Mayes said.

The trailer for the new movie, “Happy Death Day 2U” was released and is set to come out February 13.

“I don’t think it will be the best, in the trailer it looks like the same concept just done differently and they give out who the killer is so if I hadn’t seen the first movie but seen that trailer I would know what happened,” Mayes said.

This sequel seems to be taking the same recycled idea from the first movie and leaves us to think “did Tree actually find out who was the killer”. Or is this a new killer? The trailer does not reveal much about this movie except that everyone can die, not just Tree.

“I heard the first movie was awful and all the scary scenes were in the trailers so there was no point,” senior Ashley Bertillo said.

Tree has to work through her many deaths to try and save her friends and her boyfriend from reliving the same day, not just a new day, but the same day from the very first movie.