Zion Williamson Scary Injury

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Zion Williamson is a college basketball player at Duke who’s impact spans the court and the front office.

“Zion is a freak, he is gonna be the best player in the NBA one day,” junior Blake Lyerla said.

On February 20, 30 seconds into Dukes game against North Carolina Williamson blew his entire foot through his shoe, when he slipped on the court. The blue rubber sole of his shoe ripped lose from heel to toes along the outside edge, with Williamsons foot coming through the hole. During the incident, he injured his knee and never returned to the game. It is undecided how bad the injury could be, and how long he could possibly need to heal.

“I’m not surprised he’s something like 275 pounds of pure muscle. He may need to get custom shoes so they don’t break like that again,” Lyerla said.

Williamson has an immense impact for his team that goes farther than his offensive and defensive power. Williamson has made the resale ticket market a large profit and expensive market, the highest costing single ticket was $3,464, excluding taxes and other possible fees.

“Zion is amazing, it’s not a surprise that tickets cost that much. What’s worse than that is he isnt getting paid for any of the money he’s bringing to the school,” junior Peyton Mecker said.

Many people took to social media to state that Williamson should be getting paid after he blew his shoe and injured his knee. Later it was stated that Williamson has an $8 million loss of value insurance policies, in case of significant injuries. Williamson cannot collect on the policy unless he slips past the No. 16 overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft, however.

“He is gonna be the next LeBron, the dude can squish a basketball with his base fingers, and is overall insane in every way to play the game,” junior Amare Johnson said.