Jonas Brothers New Song

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

The Jonas Brothers, JB, officially stopped making songs in 2013 due to Kevin Jonas getting married, according to The boys went their own way, two of them, Joe and Nick, continuing their music career. Kevin opened a bakery and had two kids. But rumors have been spreading throughout social media that the boys were getting back together.

“I loved the Jonas Brothers as a kid. The TV Show was awesome and I never missed an episode. This was also my first concert as a kid,” senior Savannah Gaast said.

Early on February 28, on Instagram, the JB instagram was reactivated and the posted a photo; all three boys were included and the new song “Sucker” was released at midnight.

“I have been waiting for them to come out with another song since their bop ‘Burning Up.’ … I have been waiting for so long, no way would I not listen to it,” senior Ashley Bertillo said.

After “Camp Rock 2:The Final Jam,” Nick focused on his own music career. He released two solo albums and went on tour; he also recently released another album with Robin Schulz, according to

“Nick was always my favorite, everyone always loved Joe. But Nick was really the cutest member,” Gaast said.

Joe started his own band “DNCE” and went on tour with Taylor Swift. The band had a very successful song “Cake by the Ocean” according to Joe is now newly engaged to Sophie Turner, a model for Victoria Secret.

“Joe was my favorite. He just had the “bad boy” quality with still being sweet. He took his role on being the bands “bad boy” a little too seriously from time to time. Breaking up with Taylor Swift over text was not a good move for him,” senior Jahmiah Higgins said.

Kevin has his own bakery in New York city with is wife, Danielle Jonas (nee Deleasa). The pair have two kids, Alena and Valentina. They have also done a reality show “Married to Jonas.” Kevin has kept himself out of the music business for quite some time now and focused on being a husband and father, according to

“Kevin was always the silly one; he knew how to make people laugh. He was hilarious in “Camp Rock.” His character was just the “dumb” one and he pulled it off perfectly,” Higgins said.

The Jonas Brothers were together from 2008 to 2013 releasing two tv shows, two Camp Rock moves, and seven albums. JB was very popular on Disney Channel and had plenty of hits, according to