Volvo Limiting Top Speed

Hayden See, Reporter

Volvo is limiting the top speed on their newer car models.

The top speed will be 112 miles per hour, according to Volvo. The company is implementing the rules in an effort to improve the safety of their drivers. They are implementing this rule in conjunction with more rules in an effort to make it so no one is seriously injured or killed by a Volvo by 2020. This new rule is not something new, as most luxury car manufacturers put a top limit on speed. It is unclear how this could affect their sales

“I think the speed limit on the Volovos is a good idea. Limiting the speed will help to prevent crashes and reckless driving. If I owned a Volvo I would be upset though. I don’t like to have a maximum speed on cars,” junior Connor Price said.

The new speed limit will be imposed on only Volvo’s model year 2021 vehicles. Volvo has another company which focuses on electric cars, which will be unaffected by this change. Expert vehicle experts concur with Volvo’s idea of limiting speed limit to bring down accidents and injuries and deaths, according to Volvo.

“The ideas by Volvo to increase the safety of their vehicles is a noble cause. They don’t have to do any of this. They are just choosing to in an effort to make the world a better place,” sophomore Hannah Stumpf said.

Some of the other ideas the car company will be implementing to bring down fatalities and crashes include mechanisms or programs to limit intoxicated and distracted driving. With the introduction of cell phones, many people drive distracted, which could pose a danger to other drivers.

“Limiting cell phone use in cars would make driving a lot more safe for everyone,” junior Jack Ives said.

The change has been controversial.