The Influence of Trend Forecasting


Kya Gooch

Senior Hannah Gibbs showing a stylish outfit.

Kya Gooch, Reporter

In a world with social media in the hands of almost everyone, trends quickly come and go. An outfit worn by Kylie Jenner can go viral on Instagram one day, but be forgotten a week later. Social media plays a big role in developing your taste in fashion. Apps, like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube are constantly collecting data from users and using it to suggest new trends. 

“I keep my Instagram page filled with all the stuff I really enjoy and want to see, such as fashion pages, artists and brands. It helps me know what other people are doing,” senior Jordan Hansen said. Instagram’s policies state that they select posts to suggest based on who users follow and the posts they like. For example, if a user likes a picture of a celebrity wearing a trendy outfit, they can expect to see many more similar posts within as little as a few minutes. 

The colors people like to wear are also constantly changing. Popular colors change every few months, often to go along with the seasons. “I’ve seen a lot of neon lately and lots of soft toned colors too. People switched into tans, olives and lavender much more recently,” senior Hannah Gibbs said. 

Vintage inspired clothing items are popular as well, especially things that were trendy in the 1990’s. “Something that I saw that I don’t like is fanny packs which are supposedly coming back. I lived through them once,” Family and Consumer Science teacher Theresa Durbala said. 

With the seasons changing quickly, many people will soon put away their summer wardrobe and begin to wear their favorite fall clothing items. Last fall, athleisure, a way to wear comfortable gym clothes outside of the gym, was trending with the rise of Lululemon leggings. This fall, expect to see athleisure have more techware elements. Techware is a spin off of athleisure clothing, meant to stand against the elements and make life easier, including windbreaker jackets and reflective pieces. 

“Fall is coming so more layering should be too. I suspect more people will wear graphic tees over hoodies, and sleeves under dresses. Also it would be cool to see some girls going for the Ariana Grande look. I love how thigh high [boots] look with big sweaters and hoodies,” senior Jordan Hansen said. 

Social media can truly predict what will become popular and influence societies trends. Many of the upcoming trends for the fall season would’ve been considered “strange” or “ugly” just a few years ago.

Kya Gooch
Senior Hannah Gibbs showing a stylish outfit