The Switch to Level 1: How to Stay Organized

Aubrey Nolen, Editor/Anchor/Reporter

Having trouble keeping up with your work? Feeling unprepared for the switch back to level 1? Here are some tips to stay organized through the switch from level 3 to level 1. 

Tip #1: Make folders for each class in your google drive. Since a lot of work is online now, making folders for all of your online assignments or notes can really come in handy. You can also put folders inside of the class folders to organize individual units. This will help with the switch because everything will be organized on your computer that you will be taking to school with you everyday.

Tip #2: Don’t procrastinate your work. In a study conducted by the University of Calgary it was found that 86% of high school students procrastinate. While being at home can make one feel very unmotivated, completing your work in a timely manner will really help you be prepared for the switch to all in person learning

Tip #3: Have a virtual planner. There are apps you can download onto your chromebook, such as momentum. It shows up when you open chrome and you can add to dos and cross them out as you go. You can also use Google Tasks, which can be found on the right hand side of your gmail, in which you can add and cross out tasks.

Tip #4: After a long day of completing assignments you should treat yourself. This can help you to feel more motivated to stay on top of your work. An example of this is treating yourself to a fun and small knick knack, or even a new article of clothing.

Tip #5: The final tip is to go into the change with a positive attitude. Try to make the best of the situation and be patient.