Schedule Changes for Timberland

William Phillips, Reporter

Timberland has implemented major schedule changes this year. These changes have an effect on the staff and students.

This year, all the  WSD high schools had the traditional schedule – which includes all seven class periods and lunch during the day – switched. With the new change, the schedule has the addition of DEN Time,  an hour of free time for students to do their own thing. Students can use this time to study, finish up classwork, relax, talk with friends, eat lunch and participate in clubs.

“I like the new addition. I think it provides a time for students to accomplish [their own goals], meets their social emotional needs and gives them ample time for academic purposes. From a teacher’s perspective, it provides availability to meet and work with colleagues and gives extra availability to meet students’ needs,” biology teacher Connor Brown said.

DEN Time does not only give students free time, but teachers as well. Teachers can use this time to eat, meet with students, plan for upcoming classes, collaborate, run clubs or relax, on days when they are not assigned supervision duties. 

Another benefit within this schedule for students and teachers is student success time, also known as Pack Time. Student success time is every Thursday and provides another opportunity for students to meet with teachers and to accomplish work from any class.

 “I like that the kids have more free time and that all of the kids in the school can be on the same page with this schedule. It just gives kids a much needed longer break and gives them time to relax and rejuvenate for the second half of the day,” assistant principal Dr. Jason Theodorakos said.

Block days are another addition to the new schedule. Block days are different, because they are only on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Each class is closer to an hour and forty minutes, as opposed to 48 minutes during those ‘regular’ scheduled days. Block days give more time for teachers to help students with school work and  students have more time to accomplish work with the extended periods.

 “I like this new schedule a lot more, it gives huge benefits like study time and time for homework. While also giving me time to hang with friends and relax,” sophomore Bryce Hubbell said. 

Many students and teachers said this new schedule change was a good change for the 2022-23 school year with many enjoying its many perks and upsides regarding academics.